Sex during this season is very important subject as every women has different processes. You could have 9 months of sexual satisfaction with your wife or like a man recently mentioned to us “my wife wont let me see her body”. The key is to gain understanding of your wife and speak with her regarding the matter.

The tendency for men to get involved sexually with with another women during this period is very high, so it is very important you both speak about this topic and neither you or your wife overlook this. 

You can support your pregnant wife by knowing what kinds of physical changes she is experiencing.

Many women fear that they are no longer sexually attractive because they are pregnant. In most cases, pursuing sexual activity is still perfectly healthy. It should never be pushed on a pregnant woman who doesn’t want it, but for some pregnant women it can be greatly satisfying to find their husbands still desiring them. Many times, intimate moments together can be of great support to your pregnant wife, since it helps her realize that you still love and desire her.

There is no general rule regarding sex during pregnancy as each case is different. We advise you speak with your consultant,  Midwife/Dr regarding sex during pregnancy. As there are some conditions that sex is a no go

e.g If your partner has a history of miscarriage having sex during the first 3 months is not advisable, if you have an STD, if your wife has Placenta Previa or has bleeding before or after sex.